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Outsiders is the way a group of friends consider themselves in the French musical scene.
They are George Issakidis, Christophe Monier and DJ Pascal R.
They are also called "The French Connection" by the promoters of "Headstart" in London.

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interview (20/05/2002)

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The eDEN fanzine is also part of their story. It was one of the links of the emerging parisian electronic scene, between 1991 and 1996. The music of this period later led to the famous "French touch" with names like The Daft Punk or Laurent Garnier.
The "outsiders" started at the same period and at the same places as these people. But they have remained, so far, quite underground. They now get more press and fame, especially because of their presence in the UK scene (Impulsion started on Loaded Records, as did The Micronauts who later remixed the cream of the UK scene such as The Chemical Brothers or Underworld).
many thanx to the OUTSIDERS (George Issakidis, Christophe Monier, DJ Pascal R) and hEdoniZm (Sylvain Legrand, Jean-Marc Scialom)
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